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KARLA DOELL - statement

Karla DoellOriginally from Saskatoon, Karla Doell moved to Kelowna with her husband and two cats, hoping to enjoy the easy rhythm of the Okanagan. She's since become enchanted with her new city, and continually discovers inspiration and beauty in her surroundings; often incorporating her own photography of these discoveries into mixed media paintings.

My work is very diverse as I implement a wide array of mediums such as acrylic, plaster, charcoal, pastels, encaustic, gel, and photo-based imagery. My paintings are derived from the intuitive. I never plan ahead but I paint in the moment, it’s really about yielding to the process and unearthing fresh potential. This practice allows my work to be free from expectations, removing boundaries and preconceptions, encouraging me to take more risks, and push the work to unexpected places. While I seem to gravitate towards beautiful composition, I always manage to fall in love with a process and sometimes allow it to take the lead. Color, spatial arrangement, and surface texture are also integral elements in my work. I’ll tweak layers of paint, collage or plaster, mark making and rubbing, adding and taking away until a piece feels finished.

As an artist/photographer I often transfer my images into my work, marrying painting and photography, two passions in one amiable love affair. Having done extensive travelling, I've been fortunate to amass a collection of interesting and thought provoking images, which often become focal points or unique additions to a painting. My newest exhibition at Sopa Fine Arts is a culmination of marrying these elements. With careful consideration of the transparency; each layer reflects its own light off the metal canvases, enhancing its materiality in an almost jewel-like way.
…I confess that my ongoing pursuit to celebrate beautiful trees and characterize the birds that inhabit them, threatens to become a never-ending infatuation.

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